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It is only when you loose something you realize its true value. This applies to the lose of ones teeth as their loss, for whatever reason, comes as a drastic and difficult change in your life style. It is only when they are gone that it becomes painfully clear how important our teeth are. Their presence or lose have been scientifically proven to affect our private and professional success as well as being perceived as components of an aesthetic and harmonious face. Healthy and beautiful teeth radiate vitality, self-assertion and attractiveness.

Tooth loss can affect people at any age. Our teeth have to do a lot of work, which does of course cause strains on their appearance and ability to function correctly.

Maintenance of an accustomed lifestyle when eating, smiling, and kissing is possible. Implants can be used to replace lost or damaged teeth. The process involved anchoring new roots into the jaw which results in the bone growing tightly together with the implant. Modern implantology can now help you to achieve durable and beautiful teeth that feel as if they are your own and thus can bring back your self-confidence in a short period of time.

People who have lost teeth want the replacements to be as realistic and functioning as their predecessors. Implants are an optimal solution for almost any individual’s situation. 


Nowadays the most popular dental treatment in Hungary - the capital of European medical tourism - is implantation.

Dental implants can be used by anyone at any age. There is no stopping elderly people having teeth implants. 

Implants: the best medical solution to tooth loss
Usually when one tooth is lost others will follow as neighbouring teeth or dentures begin to loosen so they too disappear.
Dentures will always be foreign bodies which means they cause painful pressure points in the mouth and drastically reduce ones ability to taste as well as perceive temperatures.

This means dentures have to be continually readapted which adds to insecurity when speaking, smiling and eating.
Such problems do not arise with implants. Therefore, it is not surprising that several million implants are now placed worldwide every year, ranging from single tooth implants to the restorations of an entire jaw. The demand for this form of modern dentistry, which has now been available for more than 30 years, is increasing continuously. Although they are initially more costly than other forms of tooth replacement, implants in the long run are a more economical solution over conventional crown or bridge treatments.


 Video:   Dental implantation procedures

                        1st step:


                                                      ( animation by Straumann )


Implantation final ( 2nd step ): 


                                                                           ( property of BioHorizons )


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Help from tooth implants
Implants are artificial tooth roots which are integrated into the jawbone. After the implant is in play, the gum will be sewn.
The healing time of each treatment is approx. 3-6 months long.

An implant is made of titanium which has already been proven as a long lasting and biologically comparable material in medical technology is it is tissue-friendly and has no asociated allergies.
The implant is made of 3 components: the implant itself, the abutment and the holding screw. The entire construction is about 2 centimetres long.
Different sizes and forms are available to create the best looks and comfort.

Leading implant manufacturers: Nobel Biocare, Alpha Bio, Schütz, Zimmer, Camlog


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