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Our company was established in England and aims to provide professional, high quality Hungarian medical services at reasonable prices to more and more clients.

The aim of our business is to prosper the Hungarian thermal industry on international level: the high niveau of healthcare is guaranteed.
Each country involved in our business has its own Programme Manager who awaits you ( including representatives in the USA ) and ready to organise your stay.

Knowing the high expectations of the Western European market, we only work with the best specialist Hungarian doctors whose names guarantee the best treatments available.

We are offering top quality services to our clients, even the smallest detail is of utmost important to us whilst always considering the personal needs and comfort of the clients.

Unlike similar hotels and spas, our clients have the possibility to make use of  other services since the recuperation time after each treatment can be used for other treatments. This results a more cost efficient stay.

We provide full assistance, support and more with our services. The client only pays the fee for the treatments which is guaranteed by a contract signed by our doctors.


And last but not least: our main goal is to exceed your overall expectations !


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                         Akosh Vancza

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