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An implant is often the best aesthetic solution to tooth loss
and with modern ceramic materials a perfect reproduction
of natural teeth can be created.

Bone grafting:
There are different types of bone grafting available today to build up your bone.
The one that your dentist choose will depend on which is best suited to you.         In some cases, bone material is taken from a suitable site in your body ( most commonly from your hip ) before it is transplanted into your jaw where it will adhere to stable bone over time.
In other cases, bone-substitute material is more adequate and is placed on the existing bone and grows together to form a stable foundation for the implant.
In the upper jaw one can slightly elevate the mucosa of the maxillary sinus and fill the cavity with bone substitute ) material. This procedure is known as Sinus-Lift.

There are 2 different implantations and each take approx. up to 10 days:
1. During the first treatment the titanium implant will be inserted into the jawbone.
     Then it needs a healing time of approx. 3-6 months.
     After the painless insertion of your implant, there will be no major impairments and cooling prevents major swelling
     and ensures a more rapid healing.

2. By your second visit the previously integrated implant now will be surrounded by bone and  you will then get a
or zirconium crown, placed onto the implant.

Only rough estimates can be made of course as to the duration of a planned treatment. This depends largely on your individual circumstances and requirements. The final treatment  can only be done after the perfect healing of the bone.


Healing takes time: the optimum tooth care and control

In order to ensure that the bone grows as quickly and naturally as possible to the implant, rest and patience are particularly important. The healing time depends on factors such as bone quality and quantity.

Your doctor will inform you on the correct behavior during this healing phase.
Particulary in the first days after the operation you should avoid everything
that might stress the implant site:

 - Ensure that you practice gentle, but effective oral hygiene
    ( in this way you can prevent bacterial infections from tooth deposits that
    can put the healing of your implant at risk )
 - Do not chew any hard food
 - Refrain as far as possible from smoking and alcohol
   ( as both hinder the healing process )
 - Avoid severe physical strains


An implant is a valuable investment that has enormous benefits. Scientific studies have proven that with proper care you will be able to radiate a pleasant smile for your whole life.
Bacterial inflammations represent a risk for retaining your implant. Thorough, daily care, using suitable cleaning aids, is therefore of great importance.
In addition to optimal maintenance, 2 dental visits are recommended each year to inspect your implants. You should also undergo a professional tooth cleaning at least once a year to remove persistent deposits.

Other dental services and treatments:

- CT scan
- 3D implant-plan with computer: a documentation without failure
- Bone grafting / Sinus-Lift
  these methods are used when patients do not have enough bone quantity  at the place of  the 
  planned implantation ( pre-implant treatments )
- Sedation during implantation: carried out by an anesthesiologist
- Laser treatments: tooth whitening, root-canal treatment, etc.
- Aesthetic fillings ( inlay, onlay )
- Partial or total dentures
- Overdenture: a total prosthesis placed on at least 4 implants
  And many more treatments


We are happy to advise you !

Just as with any operation, a full consultation should be carried out before implantation.
Your dentist shall first obtain a precise overview of your mouth's condition - he needs an x-ray: 3D CT scan ( not older than 3 months ). The x-ray will give a full view of your dental condition meaning optimum
results of your implantation.

A detailed treatment and cost plan will inform you about the treatment phases and the costs associated with them. After getting your plan, you can discuss with your personal doctor - in your country - whether your health insurance will pay for the costs of your treatment.

Do not let your long-term perspective vanish: consider that when you make such an investment your bone substance will be preserved, your tooth replacement will be fitted securely, you will be able to chew better and be more comfortable. You will be able to taste much better, you will be able to socialize with others with more confidence and smile without worrying.



It is so simple with us:               
1. Contact your local agent / Manager
2. Free treatment plan with price; book your treatment
3. Book your flight ( time period depends on what you intend to do - discuss the options with your local agent )
4. Consultation and treatment
5. Recuperation time ( up to 8 days )
6. Travelling back home




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