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Our employees have many years of customer service experience. The main reason behind our establishment was to provide European standard services for the growing interest in medical and health tourism and so to maintain the good reputation of the Hungarian healthcare combined with its rich culture, cuisine and historical heritage.

We only work with the best qualified - English and German speaking - doctors who work with state of the art medical equipment and their best interest is the comfort of the clients.
So we make sure to choose the best doctors available for your needs.

After a preliminary consultation we can help to book the best accommodation so our clients can choose from different quality and prices.

There is only one thing you ought to do with us: relaxing ! While you are recuperating we provide you other services for example: renting a car, acquiring Hungarian specialities ( palinka, spicy sausage, paprika, honey, etc. ), booking tables at restaurants, buying theatre / opera / museum tickets.

SPA TOUR: the unique element of our service is that we look after your needs in 24 hours a day - from the moment of your arrival until your departure - during your spa treatment: your personal Programme Manager provides you a constant support - if part of a group of min. 30 guests. If it is required we handle all the organization: arrange the appointments with the dentist, ophthalmologist, the plastic surgeon and we of course organize your accommodation for your stay.


Some good reasons why to choose us:

 Providing Full-Service organization

Constant update on your health after the treatments - because we do care !

If you are a member of a group, our personal assistantant is at your service

during the time of the spa tour, 24 hours a day

Health Insurance: with financial assistance of your country

Recovering, relaxing and saving - all at the same time

Personal consultation

Continuous availability: “We are there for You”

You can save up to 70% on certain medical treatments

As the member of the European Union Hungary provides
the same standards as every other EU countries

Comfort and safety

Highly qualified professional team of doctors

More than 20 years of medical experience

Superior quality - guaranteed

Call back service: we can save money for you - contact us
through our website and we are glad to call you back








"The joy of health and beauty… and the World smiles with You"

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