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…then visit the region of Lake Tisza !


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Discover a magical get away far away from the noise of the cities, where the dreams of fishermen, water sports pursuers, nature lovers, swimmers and people who just want to relax come true. Smooth water, giant bays, backwaters and islands, rich fish and game fauna - this is Lake Tisza at the centre of the Great Hungarian Plains.

About Lake Tisza
Those who wish to enjoy the attractive landscape, untouched grounds, the quiet and peaceful beaches could not find better place than Lake Tisza. The lake with its many small islands, swamps and special wild fauna is the favourite among nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.
Its southern sector is separated by a railway dam, this area can only be visited during guided boat trips because of the strictly protected bird reserve which was declared as part of the World Heritage by the UNESCO.  The beaches of Tiszafured and Sarud are very popular among swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. In the neighbourhood of the lake one can see the romantic puszta-view.
This charming puszta region is characterized by the peacefully grazing herd of cattle and galloping horses. The extensive fauna and flora, several historic buildings, unique art style and the genuine Hungarian hospitality are the trademarks of this region.




Lake Tisza



Cyclist paradise
Cyclists can also enjoy the dreamscape-like view of Lake Tisza, the unique flora and fauna of the Puszta because this is one of the most attractive places of the country. There are 44 different trips of different lengths to choose from to discover the region. These trips lead through different landscapes included conservation areas. The lake itself can be cycled around on the asphalt road and the main roads that connect the village. One can also cycle to the Puszta in Hortobagy which is located nearby.


Fishermen’s paradise
Lake Tisza was created in the 1970s from the wild Tisza River in order to stop its floods. The lake stretches 127 square kms which makes it the second biggest lake in Hungary. Although it was created artificially, islands, the backwater and the swamps still remind tourists of the prehistoric landscapes. Its water comes from the river meaning 50 different fish species live there ( catfish, pike, bass, starlet, tench, different breams, carp, …). The huge amount of fish and the topic of fishing in this beautiful countryside come up every day in conversations here.




The surroundings of Lake Tisza

The most significant tourist centre of the lake is Abadszalok. The village is situated on the left coast of the lake near Szolnok. It has a population of 5000 people which is very little compared to big cities so it ensures the undisturbed peace. Kayaks and canoes are allowed in the bay. Fishing, cycling, rowing away from the city noise - this is what you need if you want to relax !


Bird reserve ( Bay Tiszavalk-Poroszlo )
This area can only be visited by guided boat trips since this strictly protected reserve is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. You can watch several bird species here ( cormorant, kingfisher, greater loon ) among them such rare ones that only in Europe cover their eggs.
Special program: BIRDWATCHING


Hortobagy - Puszta ( about 30 km )
The Hortobagy is one of the biggest protected grass plains of Europe. The famous Hungarian grey cattle, the horses of the farms, the very rare twisted horns sheep and the oxen graze here under the blue sky. The bridge ( called “The bridge with 9 holes in” ) is the longest stone bridge of the country and goes over the Hortobagy stream.

Remembering the old times with fun: / EN


Eger - a baroque jewel box ( about 45km )
This town hosted many historical events. Eger is connected to patriotism, the heroic battle against the Turkish occupation where locals defended the castle from the huge invading army. This story is well-known by every Hungarian and it was immortalized in a famous novel as well. Eger is known as the baroque city inland and also in foreign countries. The town of Eger is also famous for its wines and wine culture. The most famous and most significant wine of the region is the dark red “Bull’s Blood’. The wine cellars of the Szepasszony Valley always await the guests with their finest wines.


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The Brumbauer-house:
A fully renovated, authentic farmer house
with a huge garden, kitchen, bathroom
Capacity: 2-10 people

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“The Grape Bunch” experience and health farm:
An experience park for individuals and families
Wellness pools, wine tasting, pig processing,
animal care, horse riding, archery, quad / jeep /
canoe / boat trips; barbecue, cocktails

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