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Curriculum vitae of dr. med. Ferenc Zsolt Bolya





1994                         General dentist ( University of Szeged, Hungary )

1998                         Special exam in Tooth and mouth illnesses ( Szeged, Hungary )

2003                         Special exam in Mouth, neck and jaw surgery ( Budapest, Hungary )

2005                         Special exam in dental prostheses ( Szeged, Hungary )

2010                         Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology ( Münster, Germany )






1996 - 1999              Private dentist ( Gyula, Hungary )

1999 - 2002              Dental surgeon ( county hospital of Gyula, Hungary )

2002 - 2003              Dental surgeon ( Clinic of Szeged, Hungary )

2003 - 2004              Dental surgeon ( county hospital of Gyula, Hungary )

Since 2004              Private dentist, dental surgeon, implantologist ( Gyula, Ungarn )

Medical memberships

Since 2003              Hungarian Society of Dental Surgeons

Since 2010              Italian Physician Chamber


Italian, German, English

Our Dental Clinic

The clinic is situated in the city centre of Gyula.
The highlights of the clinic are aesthetic dental treatments / surgeries and tooth implants. Dr. Bolya and his team lay primary stress on maximum guest satisfaction and on surgical technics that burden the patients the less.
Modern computer systems let treatments pre-viewed, the results to be simulated prior to treatments.

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